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Doesn't sound so bad when you put it that way does it? The next 10 weeks will be filled with organizing and planning! Lining up vendors, creating our schedule of events, and thinking of new and exciting ideas to incorporate into our 10th year anniversary. Yes! Its been 10 years hosting the NY Lavender Festival on the farm... so hard to believe. A lot has changed since the first year we decided to try this event in upstate New York. We've grown, we've lost some volunteers and have gained many others, we've gotten bigger and better each year. Our community involvement has expanded and I am so proud to give back to the many non profit organization who care about and help others in our area! This has always been and will remain my main focus as long as I am able to do the Festival. I want to thank all of the visitors, friends, relatives, speakers and vendors who have made the NY Lavender Festival an annual treasure. I look forward to this milestone year and will do my best to make it exciting and memorable for all! Countdown begins now...

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