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Olfactory Farm, well rested and abloom with ideas!

January is about organization! Organizing thoughts, ideas, paperwork, emails, the house etc. This is the month to set things in motion for the upcoming season. A whole lot of planning goes into the farm, shop and the annual NY Lavender Festival. Last year we incorporated the new and exciting event "A Taste of Provence" which will be even bigger and better this year!

Olfactory also participates in the New York Sterling Renaissance Festival for seven weekends in July and August. You can find us in the Lavender Shoppe and stock up on all your herbal needs. While the plants in the field use this time to "sleep" we are wide awake with anticipation. The dates for this years Festival are Saturday July 9th and Sunday July 10th. The kick off celebration "A Taste of Provence" is Friday July 8th! Check back often for exciting updates...


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